Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio

 Description: we have been going to workshops and doing this task about rebel sports prices.

Here's my working 

On number four my working out didn't work so I did a number line.

Big idea:we have been learning strategy maths and we have used rounding and compancating  and all that type of strategy's.

Feedback/Feedford: I think you did a good job on using different strategies. But I think you could work on your hand writing. Taylor

Evaluation:I think I did good on my number line because it worked really well.and need i to work on my subtraction because I had to use addition. and I just need a stradagy that I can do in my head. 


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  1. Yes, Stage 6 is all about choosing the most efficient strategy depending on the relationship between the numbers. We want to see Equal Additions, Place Value Partitioning, Reversibility and Rounding & Compensating. Keep trying to look at the relationship between the numbers to decide what strategy is best to use.

    Great to see you using Equal Additions in these problems - you will be able to do these in your head with more practise!