Monday, 10 November 2014

Best soccer game ever


WALT:complex sentence                          

The hooter goes, it's sounds like a high pitch scream! As a ball is coming straight to my feet I Run to the ball and randomly kick it as hard as I  can, and its heading straight to the corner of the Goal SWISH I hear Net. what a goal scored,  by Eli said the commentator, over the speaker ! 

I start in the middle of the pitch with jack I pass to jack, he steps his defender than the next Then  the goalie  runs up to jack he juggles over his head and shoots its heading for the post so i squint then sprint my heart out and my head hits the ball and it heading write for the left hand corner WOW what a goal by Eli'said the commentator what a game !the all whites, are a head with with lead, 2 nil !welcome back its now half time so that's get started !Chelseas ball number 4 steps jack but not me BAMM right on target I pass to jack he runs To the side line it looks like he is going to the corner ,he is Ponting at me go side go back go forward, its coming straight to my feet, but I'm no sure what to do, my heart is pounding AHH POOF the goalie missed !!WHAT ANOTHER GREAT GOAL BY ELi 'said the commentator!! Chelsea's ball, he passes back THEN STRAIGHT UP  field even though I'm stricker i RACE down the FIELD LIKE A ROCKET GOING UP, BUT I'm going SIDE WAY IM NEARLY THERE JUST WHEN HE IS ABOUT SHOOT I SLIDE THE BALL OUT OF HIS FEET SNAP HE MISSED THE BALL THE GOALIE PICKS it up!!! Our goalie SMASHED the ball down field right to my feet i randomly juggle,to my friend jack then he SHOOTS What a goal! Wait they said it is a fowl to us we play advantage so we take the goal!THE ALL WHITES HAVE WON THE FINAL!!!!   Where in the lockers And   all I here is clapping VERY LOUD !! Thousands of people come round the corner the all have vivids And all I here is sign here sign their,I'm out of here VRVRVRVRV in My Lamborghini  

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