Thursday, 13 November 2014

My homework


Walt:use complex sentence

YAY School time VRVRVR Here you go ,said mum have a good day . OH NO MY HOME WORK ,Eli said. Finally the bell Rung WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR HOME WORK ,said mrs ugly  Well that's what I call her ! Ahh my Homework I was Doing it when an eagle,s Claws Grabbed it I Sore it's evil eyes poke out the side  as IT SLOWLY drops my homework into the pond And the eels toke it to FIJI .i went to Fiji and I went on the jet ski with this random AND HE SAID  i don't think there any eels around here so I went home riding my eagle Ya no the one that stole my BLIMIN HOME WORK GEUZZ and then I said just drop me here so he dropped me at school . We'll i should belive that after a great Poem "said mrs ugly POEM THATS NOT A POEM THATS TRUE "said eli FINE FINE I BELIVE YOU.


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