Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Science portfolio sample

Description: every Friday we do science right now I'm learning about the weather with Troy and Nic is doing the moon and Elly is at seed to table next I have seed table you say 3 weeks at one rotation 

At the start we put flour in a shoe box lid and the flattened it.

Then I caught the rain with the shoe box lid.
And that is what they looked liked when I put all the flour into this and these rain drop were left 

feedback/feedfoward: I like your experiment and how the rain drops are formed but next time you could have a bit more detail- Sophie

Evaluation: I think next time I could of taken better photos.and be a video.


  1. This looks very interesting Eli, I bet it was engaging. I am curious how this works in the real world? How does this experiment demonstrate what happens when rain drops form?