Thursday, 25 February 2016

Active listening

Description: this week we have been learning about different types of listening. One is called me too listening another one is active listening and the last one is busy listening.

Big idea: Active listening is the best because the person who your talking lets you talk and showing there interest in what your too listening is when there to busy talking about what they did then you. Busy listening is when there to busy doing something else.

Feedback-feedfoward: I think your movie is good but your voice could be a bit louder next time but the rest is good. Katie

Evaluation: I think I did well on the acting but I need to work on the lighting.


  1. Fantastic Emily, Eli and Yassmine! A very entertaining video demonstrating the 3 different types of listening. I like the setting. Well done. How well do you think you show active listening? When do you show active listening the best? With your teachers, brothers, mum or dad or friends?

    1. Thank you I think you should active listen to everyone !!!