Sunday, 29 November 2015

Eli's Year Book Report Writing Drafts

Ricoh Tournement writing 

On the 28th of August 2015, the Ricoh Tournament took place in Palmerston North. The Ricoh Tournament is a tournament that six schools in the Manawatu come together and play each other in sport. We have interviewed four people that played different sport at the Ricoh Tournament and represented Russell Street School. The people that were interviewed were asked a couple of questions and they sounded like they were very passionate about the sport they played. Russell Street School did very well and won two trophies! One for rugby and one for basketball. Sport is really easy to get addicted to and so easy to get passionate about. Cloverlea School did well because they were trained to use different techniques. Basketballer Maraki Aumua say it feels good to win over College Street School two times in a row. In basketball, Fraser Willcock was a very good sport and passed a lot. Hopefully next year Russell Street School will do as good as they did this year and hopefully get a couple more trophies.

Here is a photo of the rugby team who won

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