Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word portfolio sample

Description: This year we decided to make one word it is a word that is a goal that you have to try and achieve. Like my one word is perfection I want to get everything as close as I can to perfect. We decided to make an art work with our one word here is mine. I descied to make the bricks and the rainbow thing for the looks.

 Feedback/feedfoward: I think you did good at adding colour and making it creative and bold so that it stands out on the wall.  (Nothing needs improvement) 

Evaluation: I think that for next I need to make the bricks same night width and length but I like the bricks when the are even. 


  1. Great use of bold lettering Eli. And your background looks effective. Your one word stands out perfectly. How are you going at working towards your one word goal every day? During morning tea and lunch times? Keep striving for excellence.

    How else can adults help you with your goal? How can we push or encourage you more?

    1. Ha like how you said your one word stands out perfectly!!! Maybe you could encourage/ challenge me by if my post is just ok you could say is that working to your one word?