Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio sample

Description: El rancho is in Waikanae we arrived on Tuesday we did 10 activities.And had lots of fun we had seven in our cabin and in the morning we had breakfast. Then a couple activities then morning tea then a couple more activities then afternoon tea. Then we do the same things but we had skit practise every night and dinner and camp dairies.

Feedback/feedfoward:I like how you drew the picture and you wrote neat and tidy. No feed forward it is perfect.alex 

Thank you Alex.


  1. We had an awesome time didn't we? I really enjoyed watching you tackle challenges at camp. You were able to approach those challenges with a smile on your face showing a growth mindset. Keep transferring what you have learnt about yourself into school!

    1. Yeah we sure did have a great time!!! I will keep transferring what I have learnt about my self into my learning