Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths portfolio sample T3

Description: this term we have been learning division and multiplication with Rebecca this is the question that we worked had to work on.
Big idea: I used skip counting because I felt easir, So I got as close as I could to 52 with was forty eight so there had to be a remainder there was a remainder of 4. This is my working,

Question x2 

Big idea:I used my five time's and two time's tables to figure this question out.
This is my working.

Feedback/feedford: you did well with your working out because you did your timestables well. You could work on making your work more clear. Brennan

Evaluation: I think I did good on describing how I solved the problem. I think I could work on making the photo more clear.

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  1. Eli, you have had a great attitude in our maths workshops and have been putting yourself in the pit! It's great to see you using materials to help you with tough problems. Keep up the great work!