Monday, 10 August 2015

Reading portfolio T3 2015

Description: in reading we had a choice to pick questioning or summarising and I picked sumarising  because I think I needed to work on it the most out of both of them. Summarising is say you read a story and you read and you want someone else to read a book you have read. You would get the main parts of the story and the keywords.

Task: the wasteman

The wasteman is made out of wood so I could be burnt down when is done the next day and it is a big person made out of rubbish and wood and chairs and tables and all that! I thought it was really cool and realistic because it's made of junk. 

This is the wasteman:

Big idea: I think this has helped me in my learning because when I want  someone to get a book or something like that I can tell them why and because it is so good.

Feedback/feedback: maybe next time you could add a little more detail.i like how you explained all about your goal. Max 

Evaluation: I think I did good on saying what wasteman was made out of. I think I need to work on putting more detail into it. 

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  1. Great post Eli, it is great to see you have picked out how finding the main points and using key words helps us to be effective summarisers! I see your evaluation talks about using more detail which is usually a key goal, but you have summarised using all the main ideas from this piece so keep up the good work!