Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Drama portfolio sample

Description:  For drama this term with Rebecca, we did something caled 'hot seating.'  We had to choose a character, and then play the roll of it.  To do that we couldn't laugh and we had to tell their part true/not of the story.  We also acted in something we called 'You Can't Take Me'.  What we had to do was we got asked why can't I take you?"  and you had to think of 3 ways so that Rebeccah  couldn't take you, Why can't I take you?  and if you were a chair you could say You can't take me because you wouldn't be able to sit down!.

This me being my dog bed

Big idea: to stay in focus when doing your roll. I liked it because it was funny 

Feedback/feedford:you did really well in this drama class. You could of shaped it more like a dog bed-zach g

Evaluation:I think I did well on describing to stay focus and I agree with Zach g

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  1. Eli - it has been great having you in our Drama classes, as you have a great sense of humour to add interest to your group and the class. I think it is wonderful that you show such enthusiasm and that you enjoy drama. A future focus could be to work on using your body to act in character and portray your message to the audience in future drama work.