Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Banned selfie sticks

Selfie sticks have become rather popular around the world, especially amongst tourists wishing to capture special moments and places.
Whether you want to include the view behind you or just want to fit a large group of people into the picture, selfie sticks are a handy tool for the perfect snap.
However, many places have banned the use of selfie sticks for safety and legal reasons. Below are they places where selfie sticks are not allowed!

1. Disneyland – all Disneyland theme parks have banned the use of selfie sticks for safety reasons after many people tried to use them on rides.

My opinion: so if the were riding on a roller coaster and there hand is hanging out the side and If pole went pass they would break there arm.

2. Wimbledon – the oldest tennis tournament in the world has also banned the device to stop any interference in the view of the game.

My opinion: so people can see past them 

3. Rome’s Colosseum, Palace of Versailles and London’s National Gallery – each of these popular tourist venues for art and architecture have banned selfie sticks to keep the devices from damaging the art.

My opinion: because they my smash the art over when they are waving them around .

4. Coachella – this annual music festival gathers millions of music lovers each year but none of them are allowed to bring along their selfie sticks! When the ban was announced some people actually gave up their tickets!

My opinion: because people can't see! 

5. The Kentucky Derby – This famous horse race has banned the use of selfie sticks in the best interest of both the horses and spectators.
My opinion: because the spectators can't see past the selfie sticks. And if they are waving the selfie sticks in the horses faces they won't like it.

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