Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We are learning to edit

                                           We are learning to edit 

This is are criteria to make are post better and more descriptive to every body a round the world .

  • WALT read and respond to text 

My old post is not on there because I made it on blogger and I thought I hade it on My photos but I made it on blogger so deleted it and I checked my camera roll and it was not there. My old post was boring it had writting and that all but this  one is a lot cooler then the other one because 

Here is the article if you want to read it.


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  1. Gee this discussion over whether to change our flag comes up a lot, I'm not sure what I think really, though the idea of using the silver fern is one that lots of people do like. You're right, it could cost a lot of money to change it all. Have you seen or thought of other ideas?